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In today’s blog of motivational slang we would like to dig into the real you, real thoughts. In the continued effort to bring you content that brings value and specifically motivation to each one of you. This blog will not only dive into your inner consciousness but also enlighten the path on how you can stay motivated and accomplish the goals you have longing for. 

What are ulterior motives?

Ulterior motives are hidden goals or reasons for a specific decision. That can also be explained by a simple example of kids, a kid in the subconscious records the actions and the subsequent rewards. This builds children to develop a tendency of getting something by performing a certain set of tasks. Further it evolves in adults as doing tasks with hidden reasons. These hidden reasons to do something are known as ulterior motives.

Importance of setting goals in staying motivated

I have been asked this question a multiple of times, how can one stay motivated ? or how to always be motivated. One of the keys to this is that you need to set goals and do a set of tasks to achieve those goals. This can be understood by multiple analytics reports which show that the chances of achieving success in a task increase by 10x if the goals are set on grounds to achieve the amounting success. To do so one must set SMART goals,(specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound) which enable to be specific and hence measurable outcome of the efforts you put in.

Thus making goal setting a major factor in increasing the odds to win big not only in professional but personal life as well. Who doesn’t want this right? This brings us to our next section of today’s blog.

How to go about chasing goals?

Once you have set goals, BRAVO!! All set to go and achieve them. The fact that you have taken the first step towards your goals that you have an idea about what you want to achieve. The goal is specific and measurable so now you also can know how far you are from achieving it. This defines a specific purpose of doing a task and just like a cherry on top of the cake you can also see how that purpose can be achieved by performing as the requirement of your goals. So now you work for your goals, that is yourself and this will not only keep you motivated in the longer run but also achieving these goals will bring happiness and joy. If these goals become time bound while being relevant it will be a push forward.

This doesn’t mean you have to disclose or have to announce your small fragment goals or large task tactical achievements. If you know the purpose you are doing something you are good to go. Once I knew a friend of mine was in this situation where most of us can relate to most probably as I believe there is a time in everyone’s life where you feeled stuck, captivated by none other than yourself. That is when you need to define these goals and find the purpose for the greater good.

This raises the next question: how do goals and ulterior motives go hand in hand or if they could coexist with each other, let’s get to know this better.

Chasing goals and ulterior motives coincide with each other

Now you are ready to dive into yourself as you have got the gist of certain terms that will come in use here. Many times it is seen that the motivation is lacking so to set things straight you need to fix that by adding a purpose to your life for the greater good. This also means self conscious decision making skills need to be developed where you are aware and in control of yourself and not making random choices based on certain biases you already have in mind. Other factors here can be the passion and dedication to achieve the goals.

Ulterior motives can create a humongous impact on what the outcome will be, As Mother Teresa said “If you are king, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyways”. Hence, making what others think irrelevant if it is your decision to make. For example if you are in some kind of toxic relationship, maybe personally or professionally where you don’t have any purpose or have a relevant reason to stay, you are just hanging along because you think you might not be ready to leave for the greater good. I would personally suggest

revisiting the problem once you have taken the leap, the relief you will feel will be mind boggling and adding happiness to the platter of your work ethos.

Ending Comments:

Ending with a note to all those just waiting for the moment to break it bad, this might be your moment of self aware decision to create the world around you that you desire for yourself. Making this world a better place for yourself and your loved ones. As life can be a game of chess every move precalculated to creating luck as such everyone around you feels how lucky you are but you know inside that the luck was just built with one step at a time.

That is all for this blog of motivational slang hope this short read left you better than where you came from, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification or explanation of anything in this post as we are here to learn and grow together and you know it loud and clear that it is you all who keep me going. Leave comments and if you like it share it with your circle so that they know you are ready and empowered to achieve your goals.

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