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August 2, 2021
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October 17, 2023

One of the first companies to have disrupted the electric vehicle industry not by creating a vehicle. Rather creating the infrastructure needed to support the booming EV industry in the nation. The Disruptors for today’s blog is Statiq co-founded by Akshit Bansal and Raghav Arora. Lets get to know them.

How did statiq disrupt the industry?

Statiq and its team tapped into a seemingly big industrial backdrop. While the EV industry is hot and each and every automobile company is trying to launch new, better vehicles based on electricity everyday. The infrastructure to support such a vast majority of vehicles and its consumers.

So the co-founders decided to create a MVP by creating an EV charger and an app to operate the charger. This built a network of chargers. Which gives the ability of finding a charger in the consumers vicinity. Which placed statiq on the EV map of India.

Glimpse of the business model:

The business model of statiq is a pretty straightforward one, they charge from consumers a fee for charging the vehicles. No, not just that they find investors or clients who want to install chargers in a location. This charger location is added to their network, making it more viable and customer-friendly. Further on the consumer can download their app and locate the nearest charging station to charge the vehicle and get going.

On their business front they are a one stop shop for EV other than vehicles.

Behind the scene:

The founders of statiq are committed to create a long lasting impact on the society as the developing nations all around the globe have been targeting practices for a sustainable future. The companies like statiq with the core intent of creating something viable and future proof are moving towards sustainability. 

The major reason to create the product can be found on the website of this company. Which is not just creating the infrastructure but building a network. Network of EV chargers all along and bring the ease of use to the customers at all levels, may it be installation, charging or paying.

Electric Vehicle Industry in India as a whole:

According to an article posted on business standard website, the EV sales grew at 26% in FY21-23 which means not only the vehicles are going to increase but also the infrastructure needed to support that is going to increase.

As is seen in the current hot news that indian government has lowered the import taxes on EV’s after Tesla lobbied for it. Similarly the registration fees of EV has been nullified for the time being to encourage the EV ecosystem.

Indian government initiative to promote EV segment:

FAME is one of the schemes of the government to promote use of electric vehicles in India with an outlay of 10000 crore for a period of 3 years i.e. 2019-2022. Many such schemes can also be foreseen in the segment.

The Disruptors – Statiq, towards the end of the article would like to point out how the EV industry can be one of the major steps towards a sustainable future and thanks to innovators like Akshit and Raghav the society is moving forward towards a better future.  

If you would like to know more go ahead and visit their website @ https://www.statiq.in/ .

You can also view the interview on YouTube by Intellectual Indies

P.S. :The cover image has been taken from YourStory article.

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