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July 7, 2021
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The first blog of the series on a sunny monday, while it is sometimes difficult to believe how things might be moving but it’s totally true how life has a way to get you through its span or simply the journey of life. This blog will bring to you a 5 point secret roadmap to stay motivated. Let’s get started.

Five point secret roadmap to stay motivated:

  1. Hard – Smart work
  2. Inspiration
  3. Mind – body balance
  4. Fight Laziness
  5. Work on self and build intellect 

Hard-Smart work:

You must have heard that hard work is the key to success and so is the key to staying motivated because consistency pays as one might get to know that consistently focusing and working towards something you want to achieve is the ultimate goal of everyone’s life.

So here is the harsh fact there are 2 categories of people I want to point out here. Both want to achieve something specific for instance a dream house that they have been longing for a long time, the first works on the purpose of achieving while the second just the one who know deep inside that they are not working hard or smart and will never achieve the purpose of their commitment, so here is the motivation fact that you need to be true to yourself as well as work towards your goal on the same time.


A need for true inspiration in your life is a must. The goal you decided in itself shall be your first and foremost motivation to get up everyday and work towards it one step at a time to achieve the ultimate success you have desired for. It is said that aim for the stars you will achieve the sky but the recent private space missions show that it is not completely true you can even achieve the stars when you aim and are inspired by the finish line itself you will run faster to actually get through the hardships on its way to grab it by your bare hands and taste the flavors of your dreams.

Mind – body balance:

Mind and body both play a vital role but the place where you need to work towards first is the body. If your body has the power to work and achieve what you want it will be a lot easier with a healthy and energetic body to actually achieve the success you are always fond of. The fact to stop you from the stars is just you.

Then work on the mind to keep it in discipline and incline towards the common goals. Make it your guide not your destroyer. The perseverance and endurance needed to achieve success is the motivational fact here.

Simultaneously the greater need to generate mind and body balance. One will never achieve what he wants the motivation for if the person’s body is not in the fitness or health to work on the desire and similarly if the mind is not in your control or is not letting you focus it will bring a similar scenario to befall you. SO is the case with both working together like a set of gears in a piece of machinery to achieve the final goals and results.

Another additional tip is working on your mind to know yourself while you grow and work on the emotions and feelings to work with you to actually achieve the success you deserve. This will keep you motivated throughout the process of achieving the goals you always seeked to achieve.

Fight Laziness:

To stay motivated you will need to work against many of the things that is why only 1% achieve what they desire for. The reason you have been lethargic and lazy and that is why you actually need motivation to achieve what you deserve. Though all the other points help you in fighting laziness, your desire to work towards the ultimate goal is the biggest factor here.


Work on self and build intellect:

Resilience and the power you have instored in you is immense but all exponentially hidden in you so the last point is to work on yourself and build the intellect to understand and make yourself work towards the desirable goals. This not only means drowning yourself in knowledge but also knowing the key to utilise that knowledge. A better self understanding and exploration helps you pave your way through the journey of life and makes it easy on you as you can predict your actions and reactions to a situation at hand.


In the journey of life you can achieve anything you want to if you actually work on it and are willing to devote 100%  to the process to achieve it which will automatically keep you inspired and motivated. With that said, hope and wishes for your goals which you will achieve with the motivation. Would like to conclude with the fact that it is the first step that is really big and will help you to achieve the goals of your life.

This was the first blog in the series of motivational slang and would really appreciate it if you could leave your feedback and also your thoughts or points on staying motivated and inspired in the comments below. If you want elaboration on any of the points mentioned above leave a comment and I would love to do that for you. 

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