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May 26, 2020
Rising forward - motivational slang
Rising Forward – Motivational Slang
July 5, 2021

Where does not negativity lie? Thoughts the best place to ruin how you operate in day to day. Experts say a normal adults mind has around 50000 to 80000 thoughts in your mind, that points to almost 2500 thoughts an hour on an average. This means we think more than we recognize are thoughts but todays blog is not about this but what to do about the cloud of negativity which blankets the other thoughts which would have could be better for our lives and ways of living. Let’s get into it.

Blocking the negative air requires you to understand how this works, studies show that 80% of the time the thoughts being repeated in our mind our negative and this is an state of illusion which causes the internal block to good thoughts or the thoughts that bring happiness and contempt giving rise to pain and suffering as we play along their fields. Rohini Ross writes Any technique or strategy used to manage an illusion is only going to make the illusion look more real. Freedom comes from seeing the illusion for what it is.”, where she would like her reader to understand a similar point that the techniques anyone like you or me who is trying to self-improve just because of these thoughts has a less chance of success in this kind of situation as the root of these thoughts lies on real world experiences that haunt time and again to make the feeling worse and encourage the thought of suffering.

How to deal with negative thoughts?

While I was trying to figure out the title for todays piece it was really important to bring in the collective feeling which is actually affecting your output as a human being in a looping way, so that you can understand and experience where I want you to go with “Block Negative Air in Your Mind”. To deal with these negative thoughts it is important for you to understand what can you do about it and what kind of effect you believe it will give. Understanding does not require any effort. It is just there. Once we see something, we can’t unsee it.” Writes Rohini Ross in her blog, here the conscious mind as it is mentioned comes into play where we try to tackle our thoughts but do not understand it is like a cluster of rivers which is going to nowhere if we are not able to let it pass by it won’t settle. So, to let these thoughts come and go without the urge to judge them will help increase your day to day productivity and happiness. This will not only arouse gratitude in your thoughts for the blessings you have but also encourage you to be better every moment and accomplish your daily tasks.


To let go of the thoughts which are creating a negative effect has the power to unleash some of the most important aspects and can pave way for the thoughts needed to accomplish the outcome you want for the day. This will also inculcate a feeling of happiness and slowly develop an incubator of contempt around you increasing your capacity to think and develop positive thoughts. A point which can’t be missed here is who doesn’t go through tough times but the ones ready to accept and work on it are ones who develop an immunity against these thoughts which give rise to all the mental thinking blocks and don’t let us work or for matter of fact even think. Albeit these experiences give shape to who we become; it is our thoughts which actually represent us.

Thank you bearing with these thoughts, leave your below in the comments. Other blogs to dive deeper can be on willingness and patience.

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