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May 2, 2020
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Patience is one of the qualities most easy to talk about, but it is extremely difficult to practice. Patience is defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset. Leaders have to incur this quality to achieve their dreams, to act when it is needed and restrain in some other situations. Each one of us is expected to take decisions and actions as quickly and decisively as possible. Everyone faces situations they have never thought to be existent until we are caught unprepared. Patience means to “wait and not be tired by waiting” which tests even the most patient person.

In 1968, Researcher of Stanford University presented each pupil of a preschool with a single treat while telling them that those who restrain from consuming it will be the only ones who will receive a second one and later found the ones who demonstrated sufficient patience experienced greater success later in life. Patient is not everyone’s cup of tea but when it is your core its often fleeting. The decisions made in haste to words spoken without thought, impatience can cause a vast amount of pain and damage but the good part is you can inculcate in yourself this quality.

How can we build patience?

This is a question which most not left be unanswered let me give you some logics and ways to slowly evolve this quality.

  1. Start seeing differently:
    • Reframe irritating circumstances, creative ideas can help build over this.
    • Interpreting challenging circumstances as opportunities
    • Bypass blame, try to understand
    • Be thankful for small blessing, showing gratitude
    • Know your decision is creating your history
  2. Expand your empathy:
    • Ponder on the complexity of the situation. Accepting this is a complex universe and we lead complex lives is the first towards success in blooming the flower of patience.
    • Establish facts like the importance, urgency and tackling capacity.
  3. Put tolerance from positivity:
    • It is easier to be patient in positivity.
  4. Be prepared to respond to unexpected
  5. Build your support
  6. Executing plans according to schedule.

Yes, you will always find yourself to in situations where your limits are tested, you will be against the wall in the fight against yourself and you will have often heard this that the fight is against yourself. Everyday you need to be your better self. We need to commit and be prepared to deliver on those commitments. Many philosophers and leaders of history have displayed it various ways and big empires have seen a dawn on them due to impatient decisions of the kings and leaders.

How will it pay?

  1. It will increase your risk-taking capacity.
  2. Will enhance decision making.
  3. Develop new insights.
  4. Changed outlook.
  5. Better living.

A leader is one who accept challenges and ready with quality like these to fight back where and when needed. Hope you get the gist of this and leaves you a better person than before. Leave your questions comments and feedback below.

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