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April 30, 2020
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May 4, 2020

Button Wallet is a fintech startup that has tried to bridge the gap between the cryptocurrency and users by introducing trading and transaction through telegram communication app backed by fulgur ventures. They have simplified trading of cryptocurrencies and buying digital assets. They claim to have accumulated more than 150000 users across 118 countries in a very short span. They have provided ease of transferring cryptocurrencies as well as transacting through telegram. Yes, just through a messaging application you are abled to do all this. With the Chinese government start test their state organized cryptocurrency it has increased scope and trillions of dollars in market cap it is very clear that cryptocurrency in it self is a disruptive technology so is anything related to it.

Following is video they shared on the Facebook page:

What disruption can this cause?

This has paved way for new innovation and techniques into the movement of this financial instrument through ease of a chat. They have partnered with others in the field to enhance their daily work and operations. Button is a bridge between the laymen user to cryptocurrency trading and this leads us to imagine the capabilities this technology holds for many who indulge in these transactions. The main beliefs of providing user with ease and making things simplified is the goal here. As the tagline on the website says it is “Cross-platform cryptocurrency wallet. Simple. Easy. Fast.” Lets understand more about it.

How it works?

Button wallet is really easy to operate you just need a telegram account which can be created in seconds, once you have that just login and search for button wallet bot and use the impressive menu to do any of the possible cryptocurrency that is convert, trade, buy or sell with the ease of using a messaging app, no third party application is required.

Introduction to their partners

as mentioned on the website

Button Wallets site mentions four partners which shows the teams utter dedication and understanding of the field. They have partnered with Waves, MarkerDAO and DAI, Changelly and Stellar. Waves is the provider of a protocol for development used amongst developers of Web 3.0 solutions, it is open, secure, instant and simple to use. DAI is a cryptocurrency and BUTTON is one the first ones to support its trading. Changely is cryptocurrency exchange which provides Button users with the liquidity to transact. Stellar is one of the fastest cryptocurrencies in the world available to send and exchange with Button wallet.

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