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April 24, 2020
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Spacemaker is an artificial intelligence based and backed by Atomico which is a European venture capital with its major offices in Norway and USA. Spacemaker aims to develop sustainable infrastructure which will empower organizations to grow while decreasing environmental pollution which is one of the millennium developments goal of the united nations. Infrastructure designers can employ the services to provide intelligent ways to maximize the value of their real-estate structure. The AI itself is capable of producing and exploring billions of site proposals, arrange out the best ones and give the infrastructure developers detailed statistics about each of them. So, to sum it all Spacemaker employs machine intelligence to come up with eco-friendly designs.

Introducing Spacemaker according to the website:

What disruption can this cause?

Increasing the efficiency of the infrastructure developers is one of the priorities of this venture. It wants a world that is growing faster to grow efficiently with high living quality and sustainable urban environments. It caters to construction industry which is credited to be one of the largest industries of the world with least digitalization. The declining productivity of the industry paved way for this venture which according to its mission statement wants to play a vital role in the industries needed transformation by dramatically improving decision support and collaboration in real estate development.

For example, the recent blog published on their website:

“Design better parking lots with Spacemaker” which is a classic example of worldly problems we as mankind are facing right now, with increase in the cost of real-estate to optimize the utilization of spaces is definitely crucial and to this at a speed and be efficient is really important. The AI lets you specify the area and it delivers you with the maximum possible parking spots that can be created given the shape and size as can be seen in the image which is also sourced from there blog. The blog gives you complete guide of the possibilities and its tools.

Current Partners —

How it works?

The venture wants to help the real estate developers and architects boost their associations and the development of urban living space. They try to understand the logic of the architecture and urban planning trying to create value for the users. They quantify and giving specific predefined living space qualities, using it as the input for machine learning and optimizing settings. This lets the user create an interactive, responsive and immersive 3D experience with complex geometries and a large amount of data in the browser making it user friendly and ensuring the user achieve maximum value.

Following is one of there recent video shared on Facebook:


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While this an inspiring tool they are developing, this is the first of my many to come blogs under “The Disrupters” category in which I will be discussing ventures and startups of high caliber like this one. If you any kind of suggestions and feedback please leave comments.

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