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May 28, 2020
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Rising forward - motivational slang

How to get motivation when you feel the boat is sinking?

This blog is a reminder to me and to all those who have constantly waited for a long time now after the last blog post in May last year. We are coming back not just with the content we produced earlier but with on demand beginner tutorial series and mentorship programs in collaboration with first hand industry experienced experts. Rising forward is a myth for those who don’t understand the key of self-motivation. The discipline and courage needed to withhold yourself upright and moving will be covered in this blog with Motivational Slang.

Where were we when you needed us in time of crisis?

We were figuring things out moving forward and playing our last cards in the deck before we gave it all in and now we are all in with updated info and expanded knowledge base, more enthusiasm and 24-7 support mechanism at your click. We were building from scratch to bring to you what you deserve, which is the best of all worlds.

What is Motivational Slang? 

It will be a series of blog posts by me and our team here at concepts and careers to keep you all motivated and updated with tips and tricks to keep up with the subconscious, to hack your mindset to believe and achieve what you want. This will also help you build self awareness and know about yourself more so that you can analyze and bring satisfaction to your thinking cells. While we develop a learning curve with you, we will grow as you do.

Why did we choose motivation? Why is motivation so important?

Motivation provides a set of goals and develops or inculcates the discipline in you to achieve the potential and harness the desire of your subconscious and make it a reality. It also creates self awareness and helps manage your thoughts and process all the information in such a way that it is self reminding of the fact that why did you even start with just an idea for that better life. Being motivated will open doors to a lot of new opportunities and ways of thinking like never before. It will make you ready and comfortable with the challenges you are going to face as an individual may it be building your career or may it be building your empire.

We chose motivation because nothing in this world is more valuable than the dreams and happiness one desires. Which means it will bring true value to our readers. Motivation is the feeling which will make you achieve your goals and full potential. As it will make you work towards your goals day after day in an orderly fashion. It is also important for people with mental health and anxiety to be motivated to support yourself in achieving those dreams that you saw as a younger self.

Resilience is developed by staying constantly motivated in ups and downs of life. It helps you pick yourself up and move on towards the goals and success you want. This resilience so built will help you grow exponentially faster, at a pace that you might never have thought. This is similar to a child’s thought process where according to research and studies like in the paper Children’s critical thinking when learning from others by Gail D. Heyman teaches one how at the age of 3 children start to understand that people sometimes communicate inaccurate information and also understand about reliability building.

If we read this paper we come to know it is called social cognition and critical thinking in scientific terms which are the aspects we humans start to develop early on. Which in turn makes us skeptic about a hell lot of things. The foremost of which is self doubt which builds with over thinking what others would say or think about some choice you are making or moving forward with.

So that’s all for today’s motivational slang post and hope this read left the thinking buds more motivated to achieve those goals. Thanks for all your support and patience.

P.S :- We are launching more platforms like this in time to come and my own website which will be a one stop shop for all that I have curated so far is also under construction, so stay tuned

With love we wish you all a very motivated week. 

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  1. Keep up the incredible work! I can’t wait to see what you write next.

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