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May 20, 2020
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The city that is credited with the title of being a city that never sleeps because of the people living here are working almost 24/7 with the buzz always on came to a sudden halt. Let’s talk about it and try to learn from this situation.

Yes, New York also known as the city that never sleeps came to a still like situation. I have been to New York many times in the past and by chance to be a witness of this halt I am here in this pandemic. So, let me introduce you to this city most of you may have heard about but not yet been able to visit. The city comprises of five boroughs at the coast of Atlantic Ocean is met by the Hudson river, densely populated at an estimation of about 8,336,817 distributed over an area of 303 square miles. It is said to be one of the most populated cities of United Stated of America. It is culturally and economically rich as it has been a center of major events in the history, not to forget the humongous stock exchanges being located. The city is a center of attraction for parties and night life is very happening here.

New York has had many nicknames as the time has changed but the name, we are talking about is “The city that never sleeps” which was first used in 1912 article in the Fort Wayne news, and popularized by John Kander and Fred Ebb’s song “New York, New York”. To the facts that it is really a city with people so motivated and inspired to work that they work day and night, that’s how life is here. Its ethnically very diverse as immigrants from all over the world have settled here. In one of the articles I read recently it mentioned that the working population had a sudden upswing in the rate of mental depression in this pandemic as people are so use to their lives with all the noise that this sudden stop to the understood normal was giving the high load of stress. Traffic on the roads like all of the world resides here, taking years for travelling between the boroughs. The city is famous for its breath-taking skyline with the skyscrapers as high as the orbits of the satellites.  

The five boroughs namely The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island and where I reside on all my trips here Queens are connected to each other through bridges that are themselves worth having a look at. I landed here on the JFK airport in starting of march I would say when this coronavirus thing was just about to take over the world. I had planned my return for around the end of the same month but that was not what the nature had planned for me. This city is always lighted up and running that’s how it was when I arrived this time, it was up with its pace but suddenly as the rise of cases were detected the city which never slept, nor day nor night suddenly came to an pin drop halt with no person on the street and everything shutdown for good.

The point I wanted to share this experience was because the story as I am narrating can be compared to anyone’s life. There are always times that befall on us as humans which we can describe as good and bad but just like the spirit of this city which again is moving towards the new normal and its fast paced life gives us many clues and inspirational thoughts which can keep us going between thick and thin. My first visit was back in 2008 as far as I remember and I never saw this city this calm ever, talking to the locals who have been here for more than 20 years I found the same to be true. Today I got the chance to drive through the city and it was one of those few times when you feel contempt to see traffic on road marking the movement back towards the normal.

The takeaways from the spirit of this city:

  • It teaches us to be motivated when times are thin and when thick be contempt and inspire others
  • Cheerful and a thought driven by achievers’ mindset  
  • Expect the unexpected, nobody could have seen this coming
  • Love for the smart and hard work
  • Looking forward to opportunities


It takes a moment of action which can change how you look at life. Let this the moment to learn and stay motivated and driven by the spirit of this city that has proved it self time and again in history to revive every time it has come other attacks. The city has an inspiring story of its own, teaches us a lot about life and how to deal with crisis. I hope you enjoyed the view of the city from my lens and if you get a chance to visit this city just try to dive in its life and spirit which is in itself an inspiration to entrepreneurs.

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  1. Jashan says:

    Nice insights into the city. I think this blog dies justice to the spirit. Though I have never been there but still it looks like a magnificent place and people.
    Diverse culture and ethnicities residing in just those 300 square mile area.
    I hope you are safe !!

  2. Davidtag says:

    Great Work. Thanks for sharing.

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