Tackling Times of Crisis – I

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March 12, 2020
Tackling Times of Crisis – II
April 5, 2020

The times of crisis befall on oneself it becomes difficult to tackle. The mind is synchronized in such a way that you start to feel helpless and at the same time everything feels ending. Everyone has to go through this kind of emotions both in the professional and personal space. As we are in the midst of a crisis coronavirus and it is going to be long before we recover completely through all this so here is a mindset and few sets of points that can help you tackling times of crisis not only this at any kind of crisis.

To understand a crisis, it can be categorized in two forms:

  1. You can control (health deterioration due to poor diet)
  2. You can’t control (coronavirus pandemic, earthquake)

The crisis you are ought or have an option to control should be dealt beforehand up to some extent so that the affect can be minimized. The ones you can’t control you need to understand that how they can be taken care off rather than being exaggerating the situation and looking at that as the end of everything. Lets understand this with an example that may give you insights on what I mean, for instance you are in a situation of a personal crisis a break up, it might break you inside out but if you see it also has a brighter side where you can understand it was your incompatibility with the other person that led to this. How you can tackle this? First you need to analyze everything like self-evaluation or validation of what occurred and then further acceptance that it might lead to a better tomorrow. Other can be crisis such as business, a sudden deal got strangled to death if at this moment you feel hollow you need to buckle up and fight back with a different approach as veining on this won’t help. At the end the point is even this time will pass by.

These categories further can be subcategorized in as health, technical, personal, natural, financial, due to definition of character or violence. The major takeaway here is no matter what kind of a crisis comes your way you need to be armed to tackle it. This is possible only if you have an idea how to be prepared mentally and equipped with the tools to mitigate the long-lasting pain it might leave you with.

The next major point the timeline of the crisis, will this last an hour, day, week, month, quarter, year or a decade. The major reason you should understand here is, how can you decrease the timeline by one level so it how can you can get the crisis to last lesser time like if the effect or the crisis it self stays for like a week how can you supposedly reduce its timeline to a day or two.

Next question arises what extends the lifetime of the crisis?

We will talk about that in the blog tomorrow stay tuned. If you like the information please do share and looking forward to your comments. I hope it is insightful and gives you a broader view point.

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