Tackling Times of Crisis – II

Tackling Times of Crisis – I
April 3, 2020
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April 8, 2020

What extends the lifetime of the crisis?

As promised, we will start from this question just for those who have directly landed on this blog there is another part I. So, let’s jump into this the lifetime of the crisis can actually get extended depending on certain factors out of which I will try to bring some of them to light.

The lifetime can be extended by how you emotionally respond to the crisis, this response will carve your way through that cave of crisis for example if the crisis breaks you emotionally that will actually increase the timeline of the effect it is causing on your life hence it can also be said that the approach you take on handling the issue will also be a part and parcel of the fact that will determine how long will the crisis effect you as an individual or a business. Certain crisis which we can see coming at us can actually be abated up to some extent by deploying certain strategies in place.

Level of poise of a person is also one of the determining factors which will affect the span of effect of the crisis. This poise coincides wither or if a person will exaggerate a crisis will it be under estimated in some sense for example if a crisis is of level 9 and you are tackling it as if it was of level 3 on a scale of 1 through 10 that will be under estimating the crisis and if other wise it will over exaggerating the situation, in both cases the effect will be on the timeframe of the crisis.

 Rules of exaggeration of the crisis:

These will help you find a course in due crisis and how to easily tackle it they can also be referred as golden rules of tackling crisis and also the last topic I will covering in this blog.

  • What caused the crisis?
    •  Firstly, you need to analyze what caused that crisis and if that is within your control or not. That will actually help you ease your mind and neural system so that you can think more clearly and better.
  • Quantify the risk of the crisis.
    • In this you need to give a thought to the worst case scenario, for example coronavirus is a natural disease and it is out of your control, the worst that can happen here is death but what you can do about it is get tested if you feel and take precautions like regularly washing your hands.
  • Find the root causes of the crisis to eliminate future repetition of the event if possible.
  • Battle plan
    • Prepare a plan to how you can defend yourself and know how it can fire back
  • Build strategies
    •   Be clear with the direction and action you can take
  • Deeper your relationships in the midst of the crisis, even if this sounds crazy these are the times when you actually come to know the strength of your relations with others.
  • Be accessible to others
  • Research
    • Personal
    • Express
    • Data
  • Speed back to equilibrium – this is one of the most helpful ones.
  • What needs to be
    • Minimized
    • Eliminated
    • Increased

Some takeaways from this just for the ones who were couldn’t read it whole, self-learning, discipline and better understanding of the situation and analysis is going to help more than anything. One thing to understand is crisis is actually also an opportunity to build something out of the problem, another thing none of them last forever so the less you fear and build around the situation the better it is.

If you like the information please do share and looking forward to your comments. I hope it is insightful and gives you a broader view point.

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