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May 18, 2020
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May 22, 2020

Securitize is a fintech based startup founded by Carlos Domingo who is also a managing partner in SpiCE VC at this moment, Jamie H. Finn and Shay Finkelstein with a long list of investors. It is company that facilitates the capital markets by allowing traders to trade in private companies using trusted global solutions. Not only this, it enables its issuers to reduce costs, save time while giving them higher quality experience.

How it Works?

With a total of 10 digital securities they are managing they enable complaint trading of private securities on multiple exchanges and blockchains. They are using 68 different technologies in there solution to provide an one stop shop to

  • Investor Onboard­ing
  • Cred­it Card Processing
  • Investor Dash­board for Life­cy­cle Management
  • Option­al Two-Fac­tor-Authen­ti­ca­tion for Investors
  • Doc­u­ment Signing
  • KYC/AML Accred­i­ta­tion Qualification
  • Fund and Pay­out in Fiat and Crypto
  • Mul­ti-Blockchain sup­port, includ­ing Ethereum (ERC-20 Com­pli­ant) and Tezos
  • Issuer Admin Console
  • Real-Time Cap Table
  • Raise Per­for­mance Indicators
  • Ded­i­cat­ed Cus­tomer Support
  • Mul­ti­ple Issuance Management
  • Investor Lim­its Enforcement
  • FAT­CA Information
  • Tax Report­ing
  • KYB and Sup­port for Reg­is­tered Offer­ings in EU

The compliance technology i.e. Digital securities protocol which allows the complaint trading of tokens on secondary marketplaces as shown below.

What disruption can it thoughtfully cause?

It is an issuance and management platform for digital securities, also allowing the users with the trading experience within minutes of registration through technology utilization. They also have special securitize ready participants as they put it, they are industry-leading and well-versed service provides which are every ready to assist issuers on the platform. List Securitize Ready participants can be checked here.


Hence growing with technologies such as blockchain which I previously explained it can be said that the Securitize is company which has disrupted the way private securities can be accessed by the outsiders of the industry. It has enabled these outsiders to make trades easier with the ATS (alternative trading systems) and marketplaces that to backed by complete compliance. They are regularly updating their product to make it one of the most preferable platforms, being the most client satisfying in the market paving way for new type of trading using the DS protocol (Digital Securities).

That’s it for such a wonderful platform The Disruptors – Securitize, have any further questions, comments or feedback leave them below I will be happy to assist.

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