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May 14, 2020
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This blog is going to be a narrative of the leader yes, the leader. The one buried inside you waiting to be carved out. The need of extravagant leaders who will get the things done by indulging themselves with great ideas and opportunities are the ones needed at this moment. Albeit almost everyone wants to be a leader, but digesting the qualities of one is not the appetite of each. Today we will discuss in brief the leadership of indulgence.

How can you be an indulging leader?

The term indulging is a passionate resonance of entrepreneurial spirit which every entrepreneur tries to inculcate. This desire or urge of helping everyone around them and solving problems is indulging leadership. This capability of solving problems is also the regular motive of entrepreneurs. Multiple experiences show how good ideas combined with leaders with the capability to indulge reaches higher than any other such idea or solution.

Why is it needed the most now?

Dedication and diligence are the core of indulging your devotion to something everyone can’t do. Though getting the work done is the true nature of the leader it is most important right now is because the stress, anxiety and depression are on a rise all over the globe so is time for true leaders to born and to resolve the problems of the new normal world. While world is talking about the new normal some those leaders are already are worrying to resolve issues of this world, trying to make your and mine life easier while helping others.

Willingness of Indulging:

The willingness to indulge is the capability of you to understand and create set of instruction or algorithms, setting the path for the ones you want by your side till the goal is achieved. This category is very rare to be found or cultivated. The pruning of your risk-taking capability which leads to deterioration of the self-indulging gives rise to personalities incapable to understand the situation.


The importance of being an indulging entrepreneur is quite clear from the points above but for the additional points worth mentioning before signing off are a few examples of indulging leaders such as Jack Ma, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. It is the capability of taking risks and having backs of those when they require the bleak light of wisdom when they are looking for. May this year be the best year for your mindset.

With all this said a brief introduction to the leader who can achieve anything by inculcating indulging leadership. This is based on the prior experience and books that I have nurtured myself with. Have any comments or thoughts leave them below. Looking forward to hear from you what do think of indulging leadership. Do not forget to share.

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