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May 12, 2020
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May 16, 2020

CNote is a fintech company backed by golden angel investors which believes financial products shall equally be available to both large or small enterprises, with this as their tag line “Change how you invest. Change Lives.” They want to be impactful on the local businesses which do not receive the limelight due to the small size of the business. CNote tries to close the gap between an individual investor and the businesses or I should say the people owning those businesses with different products carved specially focused to decrease the gap. They are duly certified by the US treasury and only work with CDFI (Community Development Financial Institutions) and LID (Low-Income Designated) credit unions. The vision of the cofounders Catherine Berman and Yalia Tarasava of CNote is clearly depicted by the outlook they have presented in by innovating this unique venture.

Following is a video which shows CNote’s achievement stories:

How it works?

CNote employs award winning technology to create the easy link of community investments across America. This paired with the federal certified CDFI’s and LID credit unions as their partners make a combination that allows to create investment products that let you invest and earn fixed income. With their basic plan giving a 2.75%apy return to a variable program, they have three diverse options namely Flagship Fund, Promise Account and Wisdom fund for the investors to choose from and feel good about the investments as it kills two birds with a stone. It is an investment in small or struggling businesses in the moments they need you as a investor the most and still let you earn with no fees charged. CNote also helps craft investment plans and generate returns from the businesses they believe in.

Partners CNote has

What disruption can it thoughtfully cause?

As per CNote

They are focused on community building and social impact-based investment company which is trying to pave a bath for the less fortunate business owners on the investment front to prove themselves and impact the areas they are located in while generating revenue for the investors. Local and small businesses are key to economic growth at the time of crisis which can be clearly marked in the times such that of COVID-19 crisis. Thanks to businesses like CNote we can see the enrichment of the businesses and ideas which are normally left unchartered. With its reach in all 50 states it is disruptive in itself.


I would like to congratulate and encourage the team of CNote to come up with such an impactful idea which has and will impact many lives of the ones deserve that chance which can change everything for them. The dynamic approach of this startup is remarkable and I hope they keep up the work. The business like these I call social friendly as they say “Ready to put your cash to work for good?”, indulgent of separate realms to collide at a place called CNote which is committed to social upliftment of businesses while making that guilt free penny.

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