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May 6, 2020
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May 10, 2020

xFarm is a TiVenture backed startup based on basic IoT computing to enhance the potential of the farms which they call as digital farming, with everyday that is passed by we are for sure making progress in all the fields do is with agriculture industry which is one of the biggest industries of the world, even the planets biggest economies like USA, India and China depend on it for the GDP growth. That’s where the founder Matteo Vanotti saw a light of opportunity which we shall be discussing in today’s blog.

Following is a video which accurately explains how everything works:

How it works?

The video above shows most of it but still for the purpose of better understanding we will give a brief description. xFarm provides you with a platform which allows you to control everything and each bit of information remotely. They provide with sensors as a solution that help in better temperament on the requirement of the land. The DSS (Decisional Support System) is support you require in decision making.

xFarm provides with analytics not just for a single farm but a farmer who is using this will be capable of managing many farms with a single integrated system. Precision farming is when which they stand by, insights with analyzing and monitoring everything using mechanical capability with the powerful technologies. Traceability is a feature which is an incentive everything it allows to log all activities and movements over the farm and produce.

What disruption can it thoughtfully cause?

It has enabled farmers to enter the digital world, with their main focus being on the convenience, intuitiveness and modularity with it being cost free for a start as the cherry on top of the cake. It is capable of loading a farmer with armor it requires to keep everything under sight and from anywhere just with a click of a button. As mesmerizing it is to see the website for any technology enthusiast as it would be for a farmer as one of the quotes from their website shows the total dedication to the farmer community “Developed by the former for the farmers”.

With all the recognition it has achieved, it has been created to serve day to day requirements of the agricultural industry increasing the possibilities. They help in decision making as intensive decisions which are required to be made in time for a perfect produce. They provide support with technologies like sensors and complete integration with precision farming to push the efficiency of the farm to its limits.


xFarm has landed itself in a much of unchartered territory and much of which is required, something like this which is helping agriculturists being eco-friendly and empowering them with the capabilities of technology, making DIGITAL FARMS a reality. Comparing the vastness of the business related to agriculture to any other industry which started to build around 11500 years ago and still more than half of the worlds population depends on agriculture directly and about everyone is related to it in some way or the other.

May the future hold more of this kind of startups. If you have any feedback leave it in the comments below, if you would like to show your support to us, the best way is to share our articles and blogs with your family and friends.

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