How to Feel Positive While Working from Home?

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April 16, 2020
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April 20, 2020

The pandemic has paved way for almost 90% of the job driven classes or their bosses to implement work from home. Albeit it has been not that difficult for many, on the other hand many have suffered it may cause depression or other mental ailments. We are here with a few points that can keep these effects at bay. Don’t forget to leave comments on how you are feeling and how have you been dealing with this. The key factor involves devoting your 100% to what you want to accomplish and looking for the slight light of opportunities we have got in middle of this situation. Learning is the source of invention and if you want to grow you need to learn i.e. adjust in accordance with market or simply stated can be said that know where you stand and learn through the opportunities to reach where you want to be. Being loyal is not only for when someone is watching but also for the times when it is needed and this is the time to make most of the productivity out of it.

Time management is the key to everything if you know how and where you spend your time you are probably going in the right direction, the direction of your dreams. This doesn’t mean working 24/7 but being aware of your surroundings and peeping into changes to adapt is what makes a successful life. As far as working from home goes sticking to a non-negotiable routine helps a lot. This means set a routine which includes moving every now and then to avoid fatigue and lack of concentration, adding exercise to your daily routine is a decision the sooner you make the better it will be. Managing time will also mean giving yourself the rest the body requires.

Your working quality and capacity increases by many folds when you actually love what you do and cherish what you accomplish, the fleck to receive here is showing your gratitude towards the small achievements we have or simply FEEL YOUR LIFE!!

With this said some casual moments you can add to your daily life can be spending quality time, it might be indulging in your hobbies or meditation to relieve stress. Another very important point would be try to maximize the natural light you receive in a day. If you are a working parent, I can totally understand the effort you have to put into trying to work. Try creating a kid’s free zone, from where you only work and engage kids in the break or free time you get, this will help you distress and them release their excessive energy.

Doing all this what we forget the most, drinking water. Try to maximize the water consumption as our body requires lot of it.

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Embracing face to face interaction over the internet is another way to keep depression and anxiety at bay from your thoughts. This is also a good time to engage with your local community and of course following the distancing. Last but not least find what works for you as the best?


  1. Concentration
  2. Productivity
  3. Compassion for what you do
  4. Learn
  5. Look for opportunities
  6. Show gratitude
  7. Time management
  8. Natural light
  9. Exercise
  10. Drink Water
  11. Rest well
  12. Pursue Hobbies
  13. Engage as much as you can

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