Will Pandemic be the Paradigm Shift?

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April 10, 2020
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April 13, 2020

Everyone is obsessed with the COVID-19 pandemic and we are all being held hostage by it while the governments of the world have ordered lockdown of the nations, internal and external borders are sealed to save the citizens from the spread. The governments have taken all measures possible but it is still not enough, we as humans were prepared for war of any kind, specifically the war between nations always boasting about the arsenal each one have in store but when real war came it caught us unprepared and, in a rush, to nowhere. Is this pandemic going to be a paradigm shift?

This pandemic came with all it testing tools to judge how prepared we as humanity are for something of this intensity, for the record we weren’t that competent in this havoc which befell our journey but we should be prepared as changes are coming in day to day life with everything reaching the screeching halt for at least once. The cities like New York, Paris, Beijing, Delhi and Mumbai which were said to be on the run 24/7 met the reality at ground zero bringing them to almost a pin drop silence on the streets. While all this happened, economies are tending towards collapses the nature has cured its self. Even this sudden crisis has given us all many opportunities:

  • More sophisticated and flexible use of technology
  • Revived appreciation for outdoor and simple pleasures
  • Lesser polarization
  • Respect for all kind of workers which were left unnoticed specially health workers
  • The rise of telemedication
  • Revived trust in institutes
  • Stronger family bond
  • Healthier digital lifestyle
  • Political uprising
  • Revival of parks and nature
  • A boon to virtual reality

Though this paradigm shift we are witnessing is a forced one, which has made us test new waters and our compatibility to the digital era. Digitization in many corporates have touched new milestones where it has gone far enough to maximizing the utilization of concepts like work from home. Albeit it has paved ways to new changes and not minimal but at scale much larger than the humans had ever seen or experienced. Our affinity to boundaries has gone far back if not millions but thousands of years and the affection of confinement and boundaries declaring something to be under one’s command has been our motive ever since. The psychological effect on us is going to last long because we never expected this to come our way and remaining at home was never our plan, we are not use to this and our day to day living has tremendously confined to a small area giving rise to the question How and which business will be effected?

One thing is sure that all the business big or small will be affected and our living will change forever giving rise to a new economy, albeit it raises multiple concerns like cyber security, sudden mindset change, adaptability and foray into concepts of more of a internet dependent society and corporates. Though there are solutions to every problem and we have strived through times like great depression, two world wars and many more calamities but this one is different and cause an overwhelming mark, a flagship milestone for the generations to come, to know more you can follow these resources:

  1. https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/04/07/paradigm-shift-by-pandemic/
  2. https://publicseminar.org/essays/yes-covid-19-is-an-emergency-its-also-a-paradigm-shift/
  3. https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/03/19/coronavirus-effect-economy-life-society-analysis-covid-135579

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