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April 8, 2020
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April 12, 2020

The loss of a job can be a crisis of high order as our life actually depends on that, according to my recent digging and analysis I can say we should be prepared for the worse. Going down a road unprepared isn’t a chance. Today we will talk about the job loss, stats behind chances of that loss and how to fight back. Let’s dive into it.

Even a minimal thought of jobs being lost brings goose bumps and so does the overwhelming thought of not being able to go to work the next day, that is what the stats point towards for example according to the survey conducted by CII(confederation of Indian industries) that took into count the opinions of 200 company heads in which 52% of them agreed to the fact that they expect massive job losses due to the pandemic. This massive layoff if happens will increase the unemployment rate by many folds making this time vital for everyone to get prepared for the worse if it has to come our way. In this time, you can actually improve your skills or even grasp new ones which can actually reduce the chances of impact on us. A job loss not only effects our lives monetarily but also affect your psychology and state of mind with a drop in the following ways:

  • Professional identity
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence
  • A daily routine
  • Purposeful activity
  • A work-based social network
  • Your sense of security

All this combined with the confinement in the home due to the worldwide lockdown may become a major cause of depression. In one of the articles “The coronavirus shutdown is revealing America’s troubling obsession with work” the business insider showed how Americans are obsessed with work and how even after being in the lockdown they will work as much hours as a German does in a year. So, it makes it very essential for everyone to prepare and make a course of action if something of this sort drops like a bomb on them.

JP Morgans chief economists said “US Economy to contract by 14% in second quarter after 4% contraction in first quarter” which may be taken as an indicator of job losses worldwide while the business adjust themselves to where they were which may take up to 2 years and in this time what you need to do is become invincible, yes you heard it right you need to create a shield of skill set that is pivot and adjust to the current situation. Few things you can consider doing are making yourself:

  • visible on websites like LinkedIn where if you require a transition it is a smooth and quick one.
  • Aware of the hot business trends
  • Aware of the technical skills and trends
  • Learning and improving
  • Preparing mentally and physically

According to another stats 3.8 million in October in US applied for unemployment benefits which has added up to 20 million as of this month, which is a major reason of concern. You need to learn PIVOTING AND ADJUSTING to the time come so for example you don’t yet have your resume ready get one, you want to learn something go ahead and do that just like an example of the liquor brand Bacaradi in a few days shifted to the production of 70000 liters of hand sanitizers.

No I am not writing this to scare you, but to prepare you because this is a wakeup call you can retaliate or ignore this but you will have to face this or in case you don’t have to, you will be a better person at the end of all this listening to the advice.

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