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April 20, 2020
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Risk is one of the common grounds which makes every entrepreneur an adventurer. The love of risk and adventure have become synonymous with running a venture. Micheal Arrington wrote in 2010: “Every time we do something, or don’t do something there’s a risk/reward algorithm being calculated in our brain. Entrepreneurs, though, are all screwed up. They don’t need to be rewarded for risk, because they actually get utility out of risk itself. In other words, they like adventure.” Arrington hence suggesting that risk and adventure taking capabilities are inbuilt in entrepreneurs. Albeit there are many theories that suggest otherwise.


Richard Branson – like numerous other entrepreneurs – has built the entire Virgin Group on taking risks. “Entrepreneurship in its very essence is all about taking risks. You can create your own luck by opening the door to change, progression and success. If every entrepreneur – including myself – feared failure, then few companies would ever have seen progress or success,” he says. “No one ever reached the stars from the comfort of their couch!”, according to him the fear of failure, isn’t something that entrepreneurs should let the better of them.

All business activities or indulgence in ventures all over the world began with an adventurous idea or dream. Tracing any footprints of large corporation back to its birth will lead to an idea that would fill or help fill a requirement on the part of human beings who are the customers. The entrepreneur’s adventurous is endlessly attractive to those with similar spirits, visions of the future trend and enthusiasm.

The entrepreneur is the person who says, “I think it’ll be a big success”.

A survey in large urban cities of the most successful people in United States of America, showed that it was a fact that most of their success depended in large measure on the jobs they lost; may it be resignation or getting fired. This also gives us another similarity in entrepreneurs and adventurers and that is challenges and hardships they have to face to reach the success. Good ideas are not as ephemeral or evanescent as their registry in the mind which might indicate to the more fearful side which by the many relatives and friends give lectures on the pitfalls of venturing off. Entrepreneurs can be credited with the most important people as they are the ones responsible to generate ideas that raise human beings to their highest levels of prosperity. Ideas solve problems.

It usually takes longer than what we analyze at the beginning of the entrepreneurial journey, it is like writing a contract with self to never give up if you feel the idea is steady and sound. Perseverance can not be ruled out of being one of the most important things. The kind of independence and self-pride one can experience on this journey can never be tested in the shoes of an employee, no matter how high you may travel in the hushed corridors of a country.

10 key take-aways on an adventurous journey of an entrepreneur:

  • Risk
  • Efforts
  • Challenges
  • Hardships
  • Spirit
  • Perseverance
  • Success
  • Independence
  • Ideas
  • Problem solving attitude

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