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March 30, 2022

-K- kidvid — children`s television; “New laws under consideration would increase the number of hours broadcasters devote to Kidvid.” Kiwi — New Zealander; “Kiwi director Jane Campion is in talks to lead the project.” kudocast – Variety Term for an Awards Ceremony; “The Oscars tend to be the highest-rated Kudocast of the year.” Back to top -C- (the) coast — Hollywood, Los Angeles; “NBC`s New York-based Robert Wright will fly to the coast for meetings next week.” Cable operator – cable operators or cable operators; “Cable companies were in turmoil over Rupert Murdoch`s plans to launch a satellite channel.” CAS — Société audio du cinéma. CDG — Costume Guild. Certificates – Certifications for recorded music albums and singles sales made by the Assn Recording Industry. America; Gold albums mean sales of more than 500,000 copies, platinum is at least 1,000,000 copies. — a one-off review, to investigate something; “Sylvester Stallone gave the above script before passing it on.” chopsocky – a martial arts film; “Chopsocky star Chuck Norris will have an appearance in `Seinfeld` this season.” O&O — television stations owned and operated by the network; “KABC is the O&O of the Web Alphabet in Los Angeles.” o.t.t. – exaggerated; “An o.t.t. performance by newcomer Alan Smithee obscured the otherwise captivating film.” oater – Western film, which refers to the horses` favorite meal; “The Golden Boot Awards are presented annually in recognition of the work of oat stars.” OFCS – Online Film Critics Society. off-net — rebroadcasts of networked television series sold in syndication; “`Seinfeld` is currently enjoying great success in its off-grid race.” One-hander – a play or movie with a character; “Ferris Bueller`s One-Handed Day Off is one of the defining children`s films of the `70s.” (See also with both hands) Oz — Australia; “The film did well in Oz and New Zealand.” (See also: Aussie) Ozoner — drive-in cinema; “The few ozoners that remain in operation in the U.S. in most cases serve a dual function as flea markets.” (See also: Hardtop, Passion Pit) spec(s) (also spex) — TV-Special(s); “The company specializes in award ceremonies and other specifications.” Back to top Another unique way to express things in showbiz is the word “single.” In ordinary circles, the word means “unmarried.” In showbiz jargon, it means “no special people at the moment” or “unrelated.” -D- d.p. – Director of Photography; == References ===== External links ===on the director`s last two projects. deejay (also d.j.) — A term originally commonly used by Variety for disc jockey; “The station changes its DJ travel time.” DGA – Directors Guild of America, the association of film and television directors, assistant directors and production managers. Discerie — record label; “The artist signed a five-album deal with Diskerie last year.” distrib – distributor; “Paramount is the distrib on the project that will start with the goal in May.” distribbery – sales company; “Two former studio directors form a new cast based in New York.” doc, documentary – documentary; “Neil Young`s new documentary did well with critics.” dramedy – A TV show that could be called both a comedy and a drama, usually for an hour.

Also a movie or theater show that could be described as one or the other – or maybe both; “The Fox Family Channel series `State of Grace`, a one-camera drama about two 12-year-old girls growing up in North Carolina in their 60s, targets underserved preteen women in hopes of generating a tag-along parent audience.” “Scalpers sold Rolling Stones ducats for up to $500 each.” -N- n.s.g. – not so good; “While the film opened up well, B.O.`s long-term prospects are n.s.g.” NAACP – National Association for the Advancement of People of Color. nabe — a neighborhood theater; “The film had a long run at midnight in Vista, a hub in Los Angeles.” NABET — National Association of Broadcast Engineers & Technicians (Union); “The Webs is expected to enter into new contract negotiations with NABET in February.” narrowcast – network or program for a specialized audience; the opposite of a program; “Speedvision, which reduces automotive programming, is transmitted by most Media One systems.” NBR — National Review Body. . . .

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