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14 Appendix 1 Technology Partner Press Release Guidelines To assist you in your marketing efforts, ServiceNow will work with you to communicate your success of a certification integration or important partnership event through a press release. These guidelines are designed to help technology partners communicate clearly and concisely. Note that ServiceNow must approve each press release before it is issued. If you have any questions about press releases or the use of ServiceNow trademarks, partners may submit a support request or incident through the ServiceNow Partner Portal. Partner Press Release Guidelines Once you have successfully reached the approved milestone for a ServiceNow press release, please expand your press release using one of the templates available on the ServiceNow Partner Portal. You can customize your press release to promote your product. Simply replace the words in parentheses with specific information about your business Obtaining certification for an integration or application does not refer to your company`s relationship with ServiceNow. Do not use a partner, partnership or alliance in your press release that relates to the achievement of a certification milestone Do not enter the phrase ServiceNow or the serviceNow exchange ticker in your press release Your company is responsible for publishing the approval process press release Submit a support request or incident through the ServiceNow Partner Portal. In addition to the desired issue date, ServiceNow will review your press release and respond within five (5) business days ServiceNow may return your press release with a change request and an updated version for review Once ServiceNow is ready, ServiceNow will approve your press release. ServiceNow reserves the right to refuse approval if necessary ServiceNow must be notified and approve any further changes to the press release after it has been officially approved by ServiceNow and prior to its distribution Send a final and clean version of your press release and promote via social media You are encouraged to join and interact with ServiceNow via social media: ServiceNow on Twitter ServiceNow on Facebook ServiceNow on LinkedIn You can post the following on your company`s Twitter and Facebook accounts, tag ServiceNow and include a link to your press release: Twitter: [Product Name] has received Facebook integration certification: [Product Name] is now certified to be included in the ServiceNow 14 SERVICE AGREEMENT This service agreement (the “Agreement”) is between Solana Point Partners, Inc.

dba The AD2AD Network, 1051 San Dieguito Drive, Encintias CA 92024, 888 696 2388, Email: [email protected], 10 Authorized to sponsor ServiceNow events of Bronze level or higher, partners are eligible to sponsor ServiceNow events (e.B. Knowledge, NowForums, etc.). Please note that eligibility does not guarantee sponsorship and requirements for each event may vary. All sponsorship requests are accepted at ServiceNow`s discretion. Technology partners at the Bronze level or higher are eligible to sponsor a ServiceNow User Group (SNUG) event. All eligible partners must submit an SNUG application, which will be forwarded to the local SNUG Steering Committee. The committee will review all applications and select sponsors based on their relevance to the local NGPS. The benefits of SNUG sponsorship are shared by the committee with each sponsoring applicant. Additional registration restrictions apply to non-sponsoring partners who choose to participate in an SNUG event.

Further information can be found in the SNUG Sponsorship FAQ. Technology Partner Program members with a good reputation are encouraged to use the ServiceNow brand to promote their partnership and membership in the program. Logos are provided to Bronze, Silver and Gold level partners and may be used for advertising, websites, customer communications and other marketing materials. In all cases, partners must comply with the Service Mark Usage Guidelines, ServiceNow Partner Branding and Marketing Guidelines, and the Technology Partner Logo Guide available on the Partner Portal. If you have any additional questions or information, partners can submit a support request or incident through the ServiceNow Partner Portal. Now, certified Icon technology partners who have successfully certified an app or integration and published it on the ServiceNow Store and continue to meet app certification requirements and integrations will have access to a Now Certified icon for use in marketing materials associated with their certified app. All applications represented using the “Certified Now” icon must be distributed to customers exclusively through the ServiceNow Store. This symbol is not intended to represent a partner company as certified and, in any case, partners must comply with the ServiceNow partner`s branding and marketing guidelines and the Technology Partner Logo Guide available on the Partner Portal. If you have any additional questions or information, partners can submit a support request or incident through the ServiceNow Partner Portal.

A partner cannot advertise or communicate otherwise that an app is certified if it is not. App certification is provided for each version of the ServiceNow subscription service. For example, if an app is certified for Jakarta, a partner cannot promote that app as certified as Jakarta for another version of ServiceNow. There is no charge for recertification of a smaller app version or for certifying an app against a new version of ServiceNow. App versions with important new features require the use of an additional certification credit. Please note that it is important that customers receive correct statements as to whether a particular application has been certified in the form in which it is provided. .

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